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Where it started

In 2005, fate brought Dr. Lindi, Dr. Bergen, and Dr. Alex together in dental school, where they quickly became friends. After graduation, they worked at different clinics, but eventually, Dr. Bergen and Dr. Lindi reunited at Redwood Dental in the west end, while Dr. Alex was just a stone's throw away at EK Dental. In 2013, they decided to pool their experiences and start their own practice, Fresh Dental. After two years of planning, they opened their doors in 2015, expanding from four operatories to seven and extending their hours to full capacity.

When Dr. Moon strutted through the doors of Fresh Dental in 2022, it was like a fresh breeze had blown in. With his charming smile and quick wit, he won over the hearts of the staff in no time. And it wasn't long before his talent for making patients feel at ease made him the talk of the town. Patients left his appointments feeling like they had just had a cup of tea with a good friend, rather than a dreaded dental procedure. The team at Fresh Dental knew they had struck gold with Dr. Moon and couldn't wait to see what he'd bring to the table next.

Fresh Dental acquired Kenaston Village Dental in 2023 with the goal of bringing the same great atmosphere and level of care to more patients in the community. The team wasted no time in making some significant changes to the practice. They digitized the office by implementing digital charting and x-rays, making it easier and more efficient for both patients and staff. They also added more convenient evening and weekend hours to ensure that patients could receive the care they needed on their own schedule.

In addition to these changes, the team at Fresh Dental was committed to maintaining the same personalized approach to patient care that had made their practice so successful.

With a focus on providing exceptional patient care and investing in the latest dental technology, they are committed to being the go-to dental practice for families and individuals throughout the community.

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